Change of Focus

Well, the husband is indeed in Zambia.  We are all so thankful for safe travels, arrival of all his baggage, and a bit of rest on the other side of the pond.

I wasn’t going to mention how challenging the past few days have been but I wanted to share my change of focus, or even a change of heart.

Of course if you know me, you are fully aware of how I am always concerned how things work for me.  And the husband being out of the country for 23 days without us most certainly doesn’t work too well for me!  See, I told you I was selfish.

I started out this little adventure of being single mom ( by the way, I TOTALLY ADMIRE single moms now) teary eyed and exhausted.  Needless to say, the first few days sans Daddy did not go as I had hoped.

But then again, with the attitude I had, why would it go any other way but crazy?

So, after another stressful night last night, I decided to do something.


I woke up this morning and decided that maybe, just maybe I should consult with my Lord.  Well, not maybe, but MUST turn to HIM!  One thing I always discover in my husband’s extended absence is that my dependency on my husband typically outweighs my dependency on the Lord.  UUUGH!  Hate to admit that.

So, to make my long talk with the Lord short…

I am changing my focus from “how hard this is on me” to “let us enjoy our time together.”  I started making a mental list of the little marvels that are really typical but can make a difference.

So……here are just a few little MARVELS that I experienced today:

1.  a donut run for the kids before school this morning

2.  Skype!  My new best friend.  I enjoy not only talking to my man, but also seeing him on the screen.  I am thankful for his love. 

3.  Subway!  Actually, a gift card from a student paid for supper for my kids tonight.  The kids were thrilled. 

4.  movie night

5.  many offers from co workers/friends to help me out in any way.  One coworker even offered to clean my house before we leave for Africa.  

6.  a wee little carton of Ben and Jerrys

7.  a few minutes at gymnastics sitting next to a friend chatting with Little Miss on my lap

8.  a sweet little cuddle time with curly top (aka Little Miss)

9.  checking things off my to do list

10.  listening to my son giggle and exclaim that “Mom is not stressed tonight!”

11. just resting in the fact that the Lord loves me


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    Beautiful list!!

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