My fun little blessings

Amazing what a positive attitude can do for you!  

And a little time with the Lord.  

Now if I can add in some more sleep, I think all will be almost back to normal.  

Or not.  

Things are definitely not normal around here.  That doesn’t mean it is bad,  just not normal.  

Here a few fun little things that assisted me in smiling a little more today.  

1.  Dropping the kids off in front of the school and DRIVING OFF.  Felt like a stay at home mom.  

2.  The quick trip to Wal-mart at 7:45 am.  SOOOOOO peaceful then, esp. sans kids.  

3.  My cup of McDonald’s coffee on the way out of Wal-mart at 8:05

4.  Being a chaperone for my daughter’s honor choir field trip.  I was mom today, not teacher.  

5.  Sunshine after the rain today.  One really appreciates sunshine at a water park with 54 4th and 5th graders! 

6.  Observing my daughter with most of her dear friends.  I smiled a lot watching that group of sweet girlies.  I had so much fun being with them, learning about them, that I even started to consider having a little discipleship/mentoring group over a few times a month.  

7.  A very QUICK phone conversation with the husband.  I was loading the bus (loud bus) when he called so the conversation was quick and difficult to continue.  

8.  Nana’s cooking!  My mom made a lovely meal from her garden harvest!  

9.  Chatting with Stephen, our friend from Africa, over supper at my folks’ house

10.  The short amount of time my children took in getting to bed tonight. 

11.My sabbatical from completing the digital books.  I am NOT touching them tonight b/c I am going to be in bed by 10pm!  I am. I am.  I am.


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