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I still have trouble comprehending that even though my husband and I are one,  it seems as if we are living two very separate lives right now.  He is literally half way around the world going to bed as I have carpool duty, waking up as I finally drift off to sleep for (my) night, and in the midst of investing in Zambian’s lives while I wake up our three children every morning.

Hard to grasp.  But things keep going on.  I keep going.  I know the only reason I have been able to keep going is the Lord.  He IS my strength.

A lot has been going on at school for my class AND for my kiddos.  Last Thursday I took the day off to accompany my oldest daughter and her choir friends to a choir competition at a water park.  I know, I sacrificed my time to go have fun.  I so enjoyed the time with Pumpkin and her friends.  I feel VERY VERY blessed for the friends in her life.

Here are two of her buddies right before they started to sing.

15!  15 girlies wanted to be in my group.  I had another mom (who happens to be a fellow teacher too) share the duty.  We had fun!

Because all day in the sun and water apparently did not wear us out enough, we had field day the next day.  The Lad is now in the 5th grade which is housed at the middle school so no field day for him.  Don’t feel bad for him!  He had a big FUN field trip for making the Honor Roll all year to a movie and CiCi’s pizza.

Here is Pumpkin and a few pals with her DEAR teacher.  We have been sooooooooooooo thankful for the teachers the Lord has put our  children with this year.  EVERYONE of them (we have 7 teachers total for our three kids) love the Lord!  IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL.  WOW!!!!!!

And here is Little Miss with her beloved teacher.  This pic was taken after the devastating game of tug of war.  I do believe almost every first grade gal started crying.  Oh, the drama!!!  If you wondering what the weather was like that day, zoom in on those curls!  HUMID!  HOT!  May in Texas.  Gotta love it.

Monday night was Pumpkin’s choir concert.  She had a solo.  She had to choose a song, download the music, and tryout.  I was so proud of her.  I have never witnessed her so nervous but she pulled herself together and was able to hide all anxiety.  I wish I had taken a better picture.  I was too busy videotaping the event for her daddy to see.

Daddy was not in attendance but the rest of the gang came…

Pumpkin and two of her friends.  Do they look familiar?

Little Miss at the concert with two of her pals.

Well, that is all the photos for now.  Pumpkin is in San Antonio tonight on a fourth grade field trip.  I am feeling  little guilty for not being there but just could not pull it off with Daddy being gone and trying to get out of the country.  The trip would have killed me physically!  They did Austin today, drove to San Antonio, and will drive home tomorrow evening.

I am pretty worn out after rising at 4:20am to get Pumpkin off for the trip.  Good night internet people.


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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted May 27, 2010 at 9:29 pm | Permalink

    I just love reading about everything and seeing all the awesome pics – wish I could have been part of the group!!

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