The journey begins…

The children and I are very very very close to beginning our LONG journey to be with Daddy.  There are about 103 things I would like to share but for now there are a few more loose ends to tie up and a staff development day to attend.

Did I mention that we are leaving TODAY.  TODAY.  That means I will be on a plane in 9 hours!!!

Thanks to British Airways being on strike, our travel time increases by 7 hours.  Happy happy  joy joy.  When I discovered that our flight from London to Lusaka was cancelled, my first reaction was, “Oh cool, maybe we can get our passport stamped in South Africa.”  That was the adventurous side of me.  The practical side of me quickly reminded me that I am traveling alone with three children.

Drugs anyone?

And maybe I will give some to the children.

See ya on the other side of the world…….

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