In London

The children and I are waking up from nap here in London and are going to head to the terminal to check in for our next flight soon. The flight will be about 12 hours!!!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!  

The children have done very very well.  Little Miss actually snoozed for over 3 hours on the first 10 hour flight.  That in itself was a HUGE blessing.  

We checked into our hotel next to the airport, took showers, and went to sleep.  Well, the children slept.  I drifted in and out but was not successful in sleeping well.  Oh well!  The hotel is very nice and our rooms are a decent size.  A sweet friend (we recently met) is traveling with us and has been another blessing on this journey.  

We had no issues with checking in the luggage.  The real test is if ALL the luggage makes it into our hands in Lusaka.  

But, really, my focus is getting into the arms of my man!  Getting there…….LONG process but we are getting closer.


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