Home away from home

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of our dwelling place!  Tuesday is pizza night so I get a break from the kitchen.  The two oldest kiddos cuddled up in bed with me after breakfast and watched a movie on the laptop.  We all feel revived now.  Little Miss joined Daddy at camp.  I am rather surprised that she has requested to go everyday.  She did inform us that she did NOT want a group but loves to hang out.  It has been reported that she has done very well. She did, however, witness a demon possession yesterday.  A LONG discussion and 201 questions were asked yesterday.  I was afraid she might have nightmares but she slept very well.  Thank you, Lord!  

This is the master bedroom.  The villa we are staying in is much bigger than our house in the states.  Of course there are many issues (like electricity being inconsistent, hot water unsteady, critters think they own the house, and no internet) but in Zambian standards, we live like royalty.  

This is the sitting room and dining room.  We have a constant stream of Americans in and out.  We have a washer and dryer AND fresh baked goods.  There are many college students here and I think they especially enjoy the homey feeling of our home away from home.  

My kitchen.  I actually think it is very very nice.  The fridge and stove are wee but they work. Well, we have already had to replace one fridge.  

My laundry room….

Last night was homemade roll night.  Tabith, my sweet maid, and I rolled out over 200 rolls.  They were a big hit.  

I guess I forgot to take pics of the other bedrooms.  Maybe later…

By the time I post more pics, our beloved Aunt Ella Jane will be here.  She will begin her long journey today.  Please pray for her safety during the long journey.


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