Tree of Life

The name of the Children’s Village (I call it a delux orphanage) is Tree of Life.  I always thought it was a great name but my son put it in such sweet and simple words last week.  He stood up in front of the 91 Americans here and said, “While I was at the Village today, I looked around and all I saw was smiles.  Last year I was here when we moved in the first group of kiddos and they all looked so sad.  But today, I saw smiles on children running, laughing and just being kids.”  That, my friends, is the mission of the Village…to bring life to these children who came to us vulnerable, lifeless, and unloved.  BUT!!!  They were never unloved by our heavenly Father.  

If you greet ANY of the children living out there, their reply WILL be, “Blessed by the grace of God.”  

The Lord had done great things for us we are indeed filled to the top with JOY!!!

Up until Saturday morning, 64 children lived in the Tree of Life Village.  24 more precious children joined them on Saturday.  Just like the original children, these cuties were scared to death.  They were timid, scared, and overwhelmed.  I am certain that they too will come to life soon.  

The Lad and I in front of the front gate of the Village…

There were a few very happy little boys.  They latched on to the Lad and did not let go.  I have never seen my son shining so bright like he was the first day we went out to the villa.  At one point during the day  I realized I had not seen him in a while so I started inquiring about his whereabouts.  The children kept saying, “Your babe is there….” and pointed to one of the villas.  I walked into the villa and did not see him.  All I saw was about 10 children crowded around the kitchen table obviously enthralled in something.  Again I asked if they had seen my son.  At that time, I saw a smiling white face peeking out of the ten dark faces.  He was reading to them!  Priceless.  I did not have my camera with me.  UUUGH!  My friend did so maybe I will be able to post it later.  

Our precious boy Temba!

Does our boy look happy or what?  The Zambias play a game called “Do What I Do.”  The Lad obviously happily joined in.  

Our happy Temba!

Some of my sweet little boyfriends.  They look sad because I would not let them have free will with my camera.  

Our two girls and Kaleigh welcoming 24 children into the Village. 

Miss Holly escorting one of the new children to her new home. 

We Welcome you to Tree of Life………..


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted June 15, 2010 at 12:47 pm | Permalink

    I see many filled to the top with JOY! Great photos, thanks for sharing. Praying for you guys!

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