A day in Zambia

I am realizing that I have not been submerged into the Zambian culture as much as I have desired.  With less than three weeks remaining, I decided to make a bit more effort to do just that.  Of course my cooking responsibilities hinder me from being completely free in doing as I please but for the most part my schedule allows me to do little things here and there.  

One desire I have is to really learn more about the way Zambians cook.  Sounds fair enough.  I teach them, they teach me.  I have had great fun with my cooks.  Now I am trying to take advantage of my housekeeper’s love of cooking.  She is having fun teaching me…or laughing at me.  There are BIG differences in our food preparations and I am having fun learning about them all.  

And how is the husband spending his days? 

Here is one way he spends the majority of his time. 

If he is not out and about in the community, helping with logistics at camp, or speaking with the Zambian leaders, OR in meetings (that usually go well past midnight), he is on the computer. 

The children?  Well, they are indeed having a fun summer.  True, it does not look like our typical summers – but they are NOT deprived.  In fact, they are all flourishing and having a stress-free summer.  The director of our ministry has a precious daughter exactly the same age as our Pumpkin (18 hours difference actually).  The girls have esp. enjoyed that perk!  

The Lad has been hanging out at camp this week b/c his sponsored child Simon is in attendance.  He was greatly disappointed that Simon would not be in HIS group at camp, but he got over it.  I will post pics tomorrow (after I actually take them).  I figured out another reason he has wanted to hang out at camp.  Assassin!  The summer staff (college kiddos) and our Zambian staff 
like to play a massive round of it at camp, and the Lad thinks it is great fun to be involved.  

Here is a random pic of the Lad with his Dad on our safari boat cruise.  I just had to find somewhere to slip this sweet photo of my two guys in a post. 

Well, it is Thursday so I best start making my 6 batches of chocolate chip cookies.  Thursday is the night we bless the Americans with dessert!  I have had a lazy morning playing the Wii with Pumpkin, snuggling in bed with all three kiddos, and sipping coffee (yes, instant b/c we aren’t able to use coffee pots here).  I made a bit of breakfast and then headed down to villa 37 to use the internet.  The husband left at 6:15am to fetch some Americans from the airport.  He is now sitting next to me (working of course).  

Happy Thursday!


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