Coming to an end

As our ten year old daughter put it, “I have mixed feelings about going home to the States.”  I agree.  I also had to giggle that she now refers to us going back home “to the States.”  That is a world traveler for you!

Well, a week from today, we will be on the final plane heading “to the States.”  We all do indeed have mixed feelings about leaving.  I definitely don’t want to go home.  I am wondering if part of it has to do with me not being motivated to get back into the teaching groove.  I am clinging to the hope that once I set foot on American soil, I will begin to pick up my life as I knew it.  Or maybe not.  It will be quite interesting to see how we all readjust back to our American lives.  I am interested in seeing how LONG it takes.

A few things…….

-I lost my card reader last week.  Losing the card reader in itself is NO BIG DEAL.  But losing a card reader that has your memory card in it IS a big deal.  Well, losing the card reader that has the memory card in it that contains almost 7,000 photos of your last days of school and your trip to Africa is a VERY BIG DEAL.  I have been sick over this.  UUUUGH!  Oh, how I pray it shows up when all of us Americans pack up to head home.

-Little Miss lost her first tooth last Friday.  She was thrilled!  She is almost 8 so this has been a much anticipated event.  The challenging issue with her losing it here in Africa was figuring out which currency to give her.  Well, the night as I was tucking her in, she looked right at me and said, “Tell Daddy, who thinks he is the tooth fairy, to leave me American dollars, not kwacha [Zambian currency], under my pillow.”  Great!  All we had were $20’s and $100’s.  We scrambled and found two Americans with a dollar bill each.  Not enough for a first tooth so we added 5,000 kwacha and 5 pounds.   This was another sign of our children being world travelers.  How many children receive THREE different currencies under their pillows?!?!!

-My precious twin nephews turn three today.  WOW!  I can’t believe it.  I sure do love those cute boys!  I miss them too!

-The Lad and Pumpkin both have a group at camp this week.  Pumpkin is sharing a group of wee ones with her buddy, Kaleigh.  Camp Life does not typically allow children under 5 but the 103 children from the Tree of Life Children’s Village are doing camp this week.  Apparently the little ones gave our girls quite the run for their money.  8 throw ups, 4 tinkle accidents, and massive chaos convinced my sweet girl that teaching preschool must be hard work.  So glad she appreciates me and my profession.

-We return to the states on Tuesday afternoon.  I have a workshop the following day.  The children will go to Sky Ranch Camp on Sunday.  Little Miss will hang out with me the next week.  Unfortunately I have tons of meetings that week to prepare for school.  I also must completely set up my new classroom.  Oh!  I am so tired just thinking about all of it.

-So, I finally got a bit sickly this week.  I must confess that I am surprised that this is the first time I have been “down.”  (Down is what the Zambians refer to as being sick.)

-We had a GREAT time visiting our third sponsored child on Saturday.  I was able to borrow a friend’s memory card but do not have a card reader to upload them onto this laptop.  I sure do have TONS to share when I get home and have better internet access!

Well, that is enough news for the day.

See ya on the other side of the pond (or maybe one or two more times on this side of it).



  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted July 27, 2010 at 3:38 pm | Permalink

    Oh, how I am praying that you are feeling a bit better and that you find your card reader!!! I simply can’t imagine how devastated you are – so many, many wonderful snaps.The Lord knows where it is and I pray that He will lead you to it.
    Have a super safe trip home – I love you all!

  2. Posted August 2, 2010 at 12:21 am | Permalink

    I prayed for your card reader to be found…I can just feel that yucky feeling you have over it. Hope you have a safe trip home!

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