Monthly Archives: September 2010

The BIG birthday bash

Little Miss has never had a big birthday party.  Last year she didn’t even have a teeny one.  So……….we splurged and celebrated her 8th b-day (3 weeks late) at American Girl Doll Store/Bistro.  It might have cost a fortune but when I did ZERO preparations (other than tell the husband what I wanted on the […]

At the lake

We drove home from Houston Sunday night then woke early Monday morning to head to Lake Palestine.  We had a WONDERFUL day with my brother and his family.  We were so thankful to be invited.  My bro might live 7 minutes from my house but I NEVER spend time with him.  What a treat!   Another […]

A trip to Houston and the birthday girl

It is very difficult to get away for the weekend but isn’t this reason to at least try……………. The Knight Family!  We were all together down in Houston.  Not sure when this will ever happen again but I am so pleased to have a photo.  And I just love that the Lad is holding the […]

8 years

8 years ago the Lord handed this little gal to us.  Only imagine her about 45 pounds lighter and with less hair.  The joy she brings us is still undescribable and neverending. We love you Little Miss and are so very very very thankful we are your parents.  She started her day off with donuts with […]


Oh where oh where have I been?   A little bit everywhere I guess.  Right now I am in Houston visiting with the husband’s family.   We have finished the first two weeks of school.  Overall, things have gone well.  It seems as if we are having a little more trouble getting into the groove […]