Oh where oh where have I been?  

A little bit everywhere I guess.  Right now I am in Houston visiting with the husband’s family.  

We have finished the first two weeks of school.  Overall, things have gone well.  It seems as if we are having a little more trouble getting into the groove of things this year.  Two things might have contributed to this fact:  mom being sick the last two weeks (since Meet the Teacher Night) and the fact that we hit the ground running the moment we landed on American soil on August 3.  

Just a few things:  

1.  The Lad has started to play tackle football this fall.  TACKLE.  Did you catch that?  

2.  I have two kiddos on the Middle School campus this year.  MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Did you catch that too?  

3.  Because of #2 we bought the two oldest kids cell phones.  Can’t believe we did that.  But it sure is nice to have means to communicate with them at all times.  Unlimited texting for the fam has been great fun.  

4.  We are in the midst of putting our house on the market.  We had originally planned to hand the key over to the realtor yesterday but we just were not home long enough this week to accomplish diddly squat!  Hopefully by next weekend.  We are very open to what the Lord has for us in all of this.  We do not have our hearts set on a certain house and we do not have time restrictions (such as needing to move for kids to go to a certain school).  We shall see what comes of this…..

5.  The girlies will start gymnastics on Tuesday.  

6.  Little Miss wants to take voice lessons

7.  Our Community Group will start meeting again at our house this Wednesday.  

8.  We are looking forward to this long Labor day weekend.


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted September 4, 2010 at 9:53 pm | Permalink

    House going on the market? Tackle football? MIDDLE SCHOOL? Wow, a lot has happened! Fill in the blanks when you get a chance, though I know you’re busy. It’s such a crazy time of year, isn’t it? Sorry to hear you’ve been sick at the start of the year, too.

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