At the lake

We drove home from Houston Sunday night then woke early Monday morning to head to Lake Palestine.  We had a WONDERFUL day with my brother and his family.  We were so thankful to be invited.  My bro might live 7 minutes from my house but I NEVER spend time with him.  What a treat!   Another family from our church (actually another one of our pastors) joined in on the fun too! 

We had eleven children among the three families! 

My precious niece, Sarah! 

The Lad and Caleb riding the scorpion…

Cuz Jordan and Pumpkin having fun together.

Our little friend, Joshua.

4:19pm  The birthday girl ready to jump!

4:20pm  Birthday girl made a splash as we all counted down the seconds before she officially turned EIGHT! 

I was not originally tempted to post this pic b/c you can’t see much of Little Miss.  But then I looked at it again and it reminded me of Little Miss’ life.  Everything is BIG and Messy and TONS and TONS of fun and she makes a BIG splash everywhere she goes. 

Twin A or Twin B?  I think it is twin B but who knows?  B is for Ben!  O is for ornery!


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