Need to write/share something on this blog thingy I have avoided lately.  Unfortunately the only topic that comes to mind tonight is HEAVY.  My heart aches for all the HEAVY stuff weighing so many people down.  Weighing people down that I love!  What is going on?  

In a very, very modified format: 

Death of dearly loved individuals. 

Friends and family suffering from broken relationships.

A death that leaves reconciliation impossible. 

A 12 year old boy committing suicide.

Health problems due to overload in life.  

The list could very easily go on and on and on.  


How far do I take “carry one another’s burdens?”

How much do I pour out my own heart? 

How do I show love to all the hurting people around me? 

How do I sit here and not just weep? 

How do I continue to “worry” about the suffering and not stop and pray for total peace?

Peace!  That is it.  


It is what passes all understanding. 

Thank you dear Lord!


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