I will just list my blessings (photo style)

I have started about four blog posts lately that involved my intellectual and spiritual sides.  If you know me personally, that statement would be enough for you to see why I did not complete those posts.  🙂   Oh, how the thoughts are mumble-jumbled in my brain.  I keep waiting to grow into all of those thoughts but apparently it ain’t gonna happen. 


I will dwell on what I like best… pictures of my sweet family enjoying the many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us. 

Blessing of a fun job!


Have I mentioned how much my husband LOVES  his job as the Director of Sponsorship Ministries for Family Legacy Missions International?  The most fun is living in Zambia with our fam during the summer and being with the lovely Zambian people.  Loving on those precious children is truly a blessing.  But the fun doesn’t stay on that side of the pond.  The husband works with a bunch of fun people who love what they do too!  Can’t you tell? 

These are three of the five individuals that actually work for my man.  They sure do have the best boss ever!  I am sure they act way more serious at the office.   Surely they do.

The blessing of family!

This is a picture of my husband’s side of the family.  3 weeks after this picture was taken, Mrs. Houston (my Sister-in-law’s Mother-in law in the red pants) went home to be with Jesus.  Boy, makes me want to take even MORE pictures. 

The blessing of a good past!

I attended my high school reunion a few weeks ago.  20 years!!!  WOW!!  These three were my dear friends that also went to Baylor with me. 

The blessing of siblings who love each other (most of the time)!

The Lad and Pumpkin had their choir concerts on the same night this week.  Love that convenience! 

The blessing of a team! 

Pumpkin started playing volleyball this fall.  She has improved sooooo much!  I think it is very important for my kids to learn to work together and support each other no matter what happens.  Being a part of a team is a great lesson.  The two gals in the pic below are my niece and sweet friend from church and school. 

The blessing of watching my children grow and find what they love to do!

Okay, so this is the first time we have ever caught Little Miss doing THIS.  She found the yoga workout on Wii Fit and quickly grabbed mom’s exercise mat and went to work.  (I guess it’s never too early to work on your core. 🙂 )  Although for her yoga is probably a passing phase (as in this afternoon only), it is fun to see our children discover those things that really grab and hold their attention.  The Lad loves video games and sports and has a great mind for math and analytical things.  Pumpkin loves art and the outdoors.  And Little Miss just loves anything that doesn’t involve sitting still!  It is a joy to watch them find their niches and do what they love to do. 

The blessing of an old friend!

This pic was taken about 16 years ago. 

This pic was taken about 16 minutes ago!  🙂

My friend, Brian.  We shared many fun memories at good ole Baylor.  We have seen each other only 3 times since then (2 of those times at each other’s weddings).  He lives in Ohio with his precious family. 

The blessing of Fall (only 86 degrees today)!

What is a blessing that has been bestowed upon YOU this week?



  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted October 24, 2010 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    How wonderful to see all the pics and to read what has been going on – this is a real blessing for me!

  2. Posted October 26, 2010 at 10:31 pm | Permalink

    Love this post. And I admit that it takes me weeks upon weeks to get anything with “depth” written these days, so I understand that mumbo jumbo stuff 🙂

    This is a wonderful reminder of the blessings in yoru life. I hope God has brought you peace over some of the concerns you had in the previous “heavy” post.

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