A day in the life of yours truly

Somebody recently asked me how on earth I cram everything I do in one day.  My response was that I don’t do near as much as it might seem. 

To prove to myself that my days are not too bad, I decided to choose and day and “journal” my activities.  

So…..here is a loose version of “My Day on October 26, 2010” 

5:01am -alarm goes off

5:06am decide to get up

5:11am actually get up

5:16am  teeth brushed, workout clothes on and started Plyometrics workout

6:16am  workout finished, send hubby to shower

6:17am start making the kids’ breakfast, fold laundry on the couch

6:25am make the hubby and me power breakfast sandwiches

6:30am start the poking ritual to get kids out of the bed

6:35am  Grunts from lower bunk bed in girls’ room

6:37am  “Good morning mommy!  Can I take a shower?”

6:45am I jump into the shower

7:02am Dressed and semi decent 

7:04am  Goodbye kisses-Tuesdays are my mornings to go to school early AND alone

7:21am  Arrive at school

7:25am Meet two other teachers to pray for our school and each other

8:00am Never prayed, bell rings, off to greet the kiddos

8:10am Offcial start of school day

8:15am  Glueing Cheerios on paper for Oo day

8:23am  wipe up 5 different glue messes

8:24 am Tie J’s shoe

8:30am Aide disappears to call dr. -more spills, more whining, two hugs

R-“Mrs. Knight, do you know what I will be for Halloween?”  

8:40am Start Circle Time

8:41am  Tie J’s shoe AGAIN

9:10am  Snack time

9:14am Find two huge water spills on floor

9:15am  R- “Mrs. Knight, do you know what I am going to be for Halloween?”  

9:30am  Sing “Ollie the Octopus” and hang “O” items on the Oo wall

9:42am Line up for art

-review how to properly walk down the hall

10:20am  bathroom break for kiddos

Catch J using the toilet and pushing P at the same time. 

10:29am Send aide off to P.E. with all 15 munchkins


use bathroom

check emails

fill out daily reports

call husband

11:04am Run to meet aide in hall, grab 3 kids who leave half day

11:09 am Goodbyes to morning only kids, rush to cafeteria to help kids eat lunch (Aide left to go to Dr.)

Get stopped in hall by Kindergarten teacher who tells me “Your niece is crying, can you call your mom b/c she was suppose to bring her lunch and she is 12 minutes late.”  

11:18am Mom arrived to eat lunch with niece.  Tears are semi gone

11:35am    shooed out of cafeteria, run to room to grab lunch, eat lunch, look at clock wondering how I would have the energy to do it all over again with a new set of kiddos.  Grab a mini dark chocolate bar.

12:01pm Head out front to greet 8 new kiddos

12:10pm Start our marathon walk with aide #2 out to our portable, drop 2 ESL kids off at counselor’s office

12:15pm My aide’s sub arrives 

12:17pm Amazed at autistic boy’s work on Arrival activities

12:20pm hug attack from M and remember why I do what I do

12:40pm Circle Time

12:50pm Speech Therapist comes in to join us

I remember to post attendance

See four emails.  Type quick response

1:15pm Center Time

A takes forever to decide where to go

A, An, and M dump everything out in homeliving.  A and An decide to sword fight with the ladles. 

1:38pm I put on Tidy Up song

1:45 pm Kids and aides leave for P.E. 



1:55pm walk by Little Miss’ classroom to wave but class is gone

1:58 plop down in chair in speech room and chat with therapist.  Supposedly we were talking about my caseload but we ended up talking about  my son and his lack of social skills. 

2:20pm  YIKES!  looked at clock. Class has been back from P.E. for 5 minutes

2:23pm Apologize profusely for being late

2:30pm Fill out Daily Reports

walk next door and tell aide (that does afternoon childcare for employee’s kids) changes in some of the kids’ dismissal plans

2:35pm Start Center Time

2:45pm Pull out resources to give to aide to make ind. folders

2:50pm “Tidy Up” song

2:55pm Read Apples and Pumpkins

3:02pm March 3 kids to carpool and escort 5 to their buses

3:07pm Run back to room to help with our three higher maintenance kiddos

3:15pm call from front to bring Miss L up front to carpool

3:30pm  All preschoolers where they need to be

3:40pm Discussed project for aide to do tomorrow

End up rearranging the room

4:29pm  Call from Pumpkin, go pick her up from UIL practice

Rush to Nana and Papa’s house, kiss the two other kiddos, hurry Little Miss to get her gym clothes on

4:56pm Drop the girls off at gymnastics

5:15pm Grab a coffee b/c I realized that plans changed and I had to be back at school for the evening of parent meetings.  Call the husband to bail me out with the kids. Nana and Papa came to the rescue too!

5:20 Dear friend from Maryland calls, talk about all things newbornish

5:35pm Arrive late to Title I meeting at school 

7:10pm Finished my duties and went to be mom in 2nd grade meeting. Best friend texts me, I dart out, jump in her car and we run errands together: Party City, Ulta, Dollar Tree (to buy things for Pumpkins volleyball team). 

8:30pm finish errands, hear tummy growl, hug friend, drive home

8:45pm find all three kids on the floor in the girls’ room, hug them all and smell their sweet scents, wishing I had seen them more today

9:00pm turn on Parenthood

make quick dinner for me (kids ate at mom’s)

chat with hubby while I cook

9:15pm finally eat dinner

9:25pm catch the Lad still awake, kiss him again, and tell him to “GO TO SLEEP NOW.” 

9:30pm start load of laundry

9:45pm start this post

forgot about Parenthood

10:07pm  look at clock and declared that we MUST GO TO BED NOW. 

husband still working on budget

10:20pm  Lights out…I hope



  1. Posted October 27, 2010 at 10:27 am | Permalink

    Oh my word! I’m tired just reading that! It was fun reading about some else’s day, though!

  2. Kathy
    Posted October 27, 2010 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

    I wonder who J is? Do we need to get some shoes that don’t tie???
    We love you and think you are the best!

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