Monthly Archives: November 2010

Our children

Thanksgiving things

Happy Thanksgiving!  It has certainly been a happy day for the Knight household as we celebrated the holiday with my family and the husband’s family.  (My brother’s family was not with us since they spend the day with my sister-in-law’s family each Thanksgiving.)  Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of all the things I have been […]


Well, this is the day my 19 days of thanks has been leading up to. My heart is truly full of gratitude. The Lord has done great things for us, we are filled to the top with JOY!!!

A day late

We were traveling home from Amarillo yesterday and returned home after 10pm.  By the time we unloaded the car, unpacked bags, and started some laundry we were pooped!   I am thankful for safe travels and the opportunity to visit family in Amarillo.   I am thankful for an Aunt in law.  I adore her […]

Just don’t know

I am not an author but it appears that I am experiencing something similar to writer’s block. I have got nothing.  I hesitate to admit that for fear of sounding UNgrateful. I was hoping for some thankful thought that would lead me to a story. Nothing. Well, I have thankful thoughts.  But that is all […]

I forgot one tiny detail

I guess I failed to mention that I am EXTREMELY thankful that I do NOT have to return to school for 10 days.   10 days!  10 glorious days.  Tickled pink.   FLMI is currently on a Teacher’s Trip to Zambia.  I had originally thought I would go but time with my kids is definitely […]


Yes, I know I skipped posting yesterday.  UUUGH!   My thankful post last night was supposedly about our drive to Amarillo.   Uneventful (kinda).  The husband was apparently not feeling well. After he made three wrong turns in 10 minutes, I was curious that something was up.  I took the wheel after I set the […]

I SHOULD be thankful

  I should be thankful for the MANY MANY MANY items of clothing my children own.   But at this moment I AM NOT!   How on earth can my two girlies have OVER-bulging drawers and closets and still find NOTHING to wear.   Oh dear me.   We are leaving for a three day trip […]

8 hours

 Today was one of those days that I am so thankful my job as a pre-k teacher is not a 24/7 gig.   8 hours is about all I have to offer.  There are days where I can’t seem to offer half of that.   I am also thankful for the three ladies who do […]

Thankful for cash in the kids’ hands

Our eight-year-old has $21 saved up from her allowance and a bit of birthday money burning a hole in her pocket.  Tonight after the girls had gymnastics, the three kiddos were all complaining of starvation!!!  Only the boy liked the sound of chicken enchiladas for supper.  UUGH!  It was already getting late so going home […]