19 Days of Thanks (Day 2)

I am thankful for my job.  

Yep, I just confessed.  

I do indeed love my job.  I am very, very grateful that the Lord has blessed my family with my job.  

A few reasons why I am so thankful (if you have kept up with my feelings about this whole going-back-to-work thingy, you should really appreciate my change of heart).

1.  The job was basically thrown into my lap.  I was semi-aware at the time of interviewing  (over 19 months ago) that many folks wanted the job.  Recently two positions opened up in my district and there were over 500 applicants!!  500!!!  Even though I was not searching for a job, the Lord had one for me.  He just had to open up my eyes!  I have a job when many others do not.  Thank you Lord (even though I was happy without one).  

2.  The income.  Hate to truly say it after yesterday’s sermon.  But feeding the children is a big priority.  Along with the income comes insurance.  Enough said. 

3.  I am inadvertently  serving the orphans of Zambia.  It does not quite look like I had imagined.  I sorta thought I would work alongside my hubby 5 days a week.  Never did I dream of going back to teaching full-time so we could be in missions.  I always envisioned us actually doing it together – like living in another country, working side by side.  The cool thing about my job is that I get to teach and have a salary that my fam needs AND be an active part of the ministry in the summer.  Being a teacher is such a blessing to us (we do live in another country for the summer and work side by side – sorta). 

4.  I love preschoolers!  There are moments when I question my career choice AND my sanity but I do believe I have found my niche. 

5.  I have amazing and talented coworkers.  I adore my boss.  

6.  My school is 15 minutes from my house.  True, we would like to be even closer but apparently nobody wants to buy our house. 

7.  My children are allowed to attend this small district solely b/c I am an employee.  They are all thriving and happy.

So, although I was not initially looking for a full-time job (the only reason I ever expressed interest in it in the first place was because it was part-time . . . or so I thought), the Lord has indeed blessed me and worked it out for the best.  I am much happier now working full-time than I ever would have anticipated.  And although the difficulties of working full-time AND being a full-time mom and wife sometimes weigh heavy on me, I can truly say that I love my job and that I am where I am supposed to be.

You’ve heard the song about thanking God for unanswered prayers?  I also thank God for the things that He’s given me that I never sought (or maybe even prayed against) . . . like my job.


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    I am loving these thankfulness posts. So cool to hear how God perfectly provided for your family to be in missions, even if He surprised you with the way He did it! 🙂

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