After having a MASSIVELY MASSIVELY full day, the thing that I am most thankful for is ENERGY!  

Just like looking at your monthly budget and having no idea how on earth the bills are paid, I replay my days in my head and am always in awe that I made it through.  

I must admit I do have some healthy habits that aid in my high energy but doing what I do day in and day out requires a lot more than sleep, natural foods, and supplements.  

I am told over and over again that my job is not for sissies and that people would not do it for any amount of money.  Apparently I am a sucker.  Or I am just called to a purpose and the Lord gives me what I need.  

So… THANK you dear Lord for giving me what I need to carry out the tasks you give me each day.  

Double thanks today!

I am thankful for the Veterans, the men and women who fought for our great land!  



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