Yes, I am still in the Thanksgiving mood

After a wee bit of begging from the children late this afternoon, I pulled out the 29 boxes from the attic (sans husband) and started decorating for Christmas.  To some, this is horrible.  But for me, it means a huge SIGH of relief and will hopefully allow some relaxation over the Thanksgiving holidays.

I am thankful that my children are old enough to actually help with decorating for Christmas. Well, the little one decided she did not want to help.

I am even more thankful for the twinkle in my 12 year old son’s eyes as he examined each ornament and gently placed them on the tree. I am thankful for the tenderness in my daughter’s hands as she arranged the nativity sets around the house.  A sheep sits on a hill (a book), the angel is propped up on a bowl, and the wooden baby Jesus is lifted high on photo cube (“so everybody can see, Mama.”).

I am so thrilled that the inside of our house is basically Christmas ready! 🙂

Apparently my preparedness wasn’t enough for all.  Our son wanted to get down to real business.  He wanted to know when we were buying presents.


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