I SHOULD be thankful

  I should be thankful for the MANY MANY MANY items of clothing my children own.  

But at this moment I AM NOT!  

How on earth can my two girlies have OVER-bulging drawers and closets and still find NOTHING to wear.  

Oh dear me.  

We are leaving for a three day trip up to Amarillo to visit Aunt EJ and Uncle Lynn tomorrow.  I sent the kids to their rooms after supper and  told them to provide me with the following: 

1. three full outfits (long sleeve and pants or a skirt along with leggins)

2. a church outfit

3.  jammies

4.  4 pairs of undies and 4 pairs of socks

5.  swimsuit

6.  extra pair of shoes

7.  a book

3 minutes later, the Lad comes out with a bundle of clothes.  I checked through his findings and agreed he had adequately finished his task. 

46 minutes later, I have retreated to my bedroom declaring that teenage years with TWO girls will most likely KILL me.  

BTW, our girls are only 8 and 11.  

Because I am a good mother, I finally said, “We will just have to go buy you a Sunday outfit while we are in Amarillo.”  


I got happy cheers from the girls and a nasty look from the husband.  Funny how that was the moment he sent me to my bedroom to take a hot bath.  

Honestly, I looked at all those clothes (most of which were either bought by grandparents or hand me downs) and wanted to bag them up and send them to Zambia.  We evidently have no need for all those clothes.  I am certain the attitudes of the recipients would resemble happy hearts.  

Apparently the events of this evening have only proved MORE of my point I was making to a coworker today. 

We have too much. 

And yes, I should be thankful.  But right now I am frustrated.  And a little ticked off.

Pity me.  Please.

Anybody need some hand-me-downs?


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  1. Posted November 21, 2010 at 9:29 pm | Permalink

    I’m still available for hand-me-downs!

    Hope your trip is going well, and that you all get to feeling better! Get some rest!

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