Yes, I know I skipped posting yesterday.  UUUGH!  

My thankful post last night was supposedly about our drive to Amarillo.  

Uneventful (kinda). 

The husband was apparently not feeling well. After he made three wrong turns in 10 minutes, I was curious that something was up.  I took the wheel after I set the car alarm (which I did not realize we had one) at the gas station.  The alarm was obnoxious as it went off while I went in search of the husband who had the keys to shut the thing off.  I noticed a few dirty looks as we drove off. 

We pulled into Amarillo about 9:40pm.  The kids were a little wound up but they settled quickly and started snoozing.  I was tired myself but had a sneezing attack and had ANOTHER dizzy spell.  UUUGH!   These are happening a lot more lately and it is ticking me off.  

It could be worse. 

I am thankful for the time here in Amarillo with our Aunt and Uncle.  

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