Just don’t know

I am not an author but it appears that I am experiencing something similar to writer’s block.

I have got nothing.  I hesitate to admit that for fear of sounding UNgrateful.

I was hoping for some thankful thought that would lead me to a story.


Well, I have thankful thoughts.  But that is all they are.  Thoughts.

It is my tradition to make lists when I can’t seem to create anything resembling a paragraph.

Today I am thankful for:

1.  Time away from home.  Little Miss wet the bed and I did not have to wash the sheets.

2.  Freedom to worship the Lord.  We can travel to any town and pop into a church and freely worship.  So thankful that the body of Christ doesn’t just sit in my church building (which happens to be a movie theater).

3.  Money.  I am thankful I have money to start my Christmas shopping.  Oh how I love to freely give.  But…. there are limits.

4.  I am thankful for those limits.  The husband putting me on a cash-only policy (esp. for Christmas gifts) is TRULY a blessing.  He has kept us out of trouble many times.

5.  Indoor swimming pools!  We always stay at a Marriott Courtyard in Amarillo that has an indoor swimming pool.  It is such a gift when you have three active kiddos who are part fish.

6.  I mentioned yesterday that I am thankful for TEN days of no school.  What a treat it has been to be stress-free tonight.  No rushing around getting all of our ducks in a row for a new week.

7.  Our Aunt EJ.  We adore her and are so thankful for her gentle and generous spirit.  We love spending time with her and Uncle Lynn.

8.  I checked on weather.com a bit ago and discovered that Thanksgiving will be COLD.  I am thrilled.  I need to place my order for an even colder Christmas Day.  I love cold weather.

9.  I am thankful that when it is cold, I have MANY means of staying warm.

10.  We were able to spend some time in Amarillo with friends who have been to Zambia with us. Thank you Lord for all the people you bring into our lives.

I will stop my list at 10 but I could go on and on if I wanted to.

I have writer’s block, remember?


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