A day late

We were traveling home from Amarillo yesterday and returned home after 10pm.  By the time we unloaded the car, unpacked bags, and started some laundry we were pooped!  

I am thankful for safe travels and the opportunity to visit family in Amarillo.  

I am thankful for an Aunt in law.  I adore her and appreciate that she views me as her niece, not an in law.  I love her even though we have no blood relations.  The Lord sure is clever in providing me with a perfect aunt.  My mom and dad are both only children so I grew up sans aunts, uncles, and cousins.  True, I have a million distant cousins and great aunts and uncles but not that one special aunt who adores me.  

I am thankful that I can be an adoring aunt to 7 cute kiddos.


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