Monthly Archives: December 2010

14 years

I have spent 14 years loving the most gentle, humble, loving man on this earth! I have had three of the most amazing children ever with him. Lived in a foreign land like Washington DC with him. Went back to work full-time so he can follow God’s calling and be in missions full-time. Have traveled […]


We had a rough start to our Christmas morning.  I will spare you the details so I might show a bit of respect to my munchkins.  Let me just say that the true meaning of Christmas was not real evident around here this morning and it frustrated this momma beyond belief.  I will stop here. On […]

I took an unplanned sabbatical

Too bad it was an unpaid one!  The holidays are in full swing around here.  The only complaint I can share concerns the weather.  It is just too plain hot for my likings!  I just turned on the air conditioning!  I keep telling myself that I WANT to live in Texas.  I do because this […]

A day off

sorta! I am attending a training for work today. Of course I find trainings away from school to be a nice break from the routine AND the little people I serve.  Sometimes I go to a dud of one and feel guilty for leaving my aides with a sub.  I am happy to report that […]