We had a rough start to our Christmas morning.  I will spare you the details so I might show a bit of respect to my munchkins.  Let me just say that the true meaning of Christmas was not real evident around here this morning and it frustrated this momma beyond belief.  I will stop here.

On the brighter side, we have had a lovely few days with family.  We spent Christmas Eve day with the husband’s family.  His aunt and uncle from Amarillo came in town along with his sister’s family.  How comforting to be with them all.

The husband’s sister and her family.

The five cousins.  One day I will capture the perfect moment with these cute kiddos….

I made digital calendars for Aunt EJ and Gran.  I think they liked them! 

Silly Grandaddy!  He was having way too much fun with his gorilla pod. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Jesus!

This morning…

Of course we love being with both sides of our families and enjoy all the festivities but Christmas morning breakfast at our house has to be one of my favorite newer traditions.  Only my folks come.  They come after our little family exchanges presents.  I prepare the whole thing to give mom a break.  It is so relaxing to stay home and then welcome Nana and Papa.  When they leave our house, they stop by my brother’s house to see what Santa delivered to his five kids then we all meet up at Nana and Papa’s house for craziness (that we all love). 

Wondering what those weird shaped objects are on the table?  Well, that is part of why I love Christmas morning breakfast so much.  They are called crackers or poppers.  Years ago when I was student teaching in England during the Christmas season, these little things were all over the place.  Traditionally they are made of light cardboard and can be bought already full of a paper crown, toy, and a joke (English one at that).  Ever since my jaunt to jolly ole England, I have purchased ones that we would “pop” open and then throw the shell away.  About four years ago I stumbled upon these tin ones at World Market.  We LOVE them!!!  I have been unsuccessful in finding more. (boo! hiss!)  The seven of us (my fam of five plus my parents) each draw a name.  We then fill that person’s cracker with one or two fun little items, candy, AND a note.  The notes are a treasure I will always hold dear.  The Lad had Nana this year so I helped him buy a few little things like lipstick.  Well, our boy HATES lipstick and scolds me everytime I even THINK about applying it to my lips.  In his note to Nana he included the following in the P.S. line:  “And PLEASE do not use the gift I gave you around me.  Thank you.”

Below are Daddy and Pumpkin in the midst of a dance off!  I had no idea that my man could dance!  🙂  We have only done ballroom dancing lessons before.  The things you discover…

Merry Christmas!

We are off to celebrate the KING with my brother and his family!


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