More than a list

So I have several little items to share.  Nothing major just things you probably aren’t interested in but I am!  I can’t wait to reread this blog in years to come and see what all was happening.  I treasure the life the Lord has given me. 

My friend, Anna, does a Five for Friday dealy but it is not Friday.  I could list the same number of items for the number of posts I have written.  But I do believe you will tire of 552 items from the miniscule little happenings at the Knightly manor.  

In honor of it being a normal Monday in the land of the Knights…

M is for mom.  My role as mom today included feeding three (well, four if you include the extra 2nd grader I had) hungry kids the minute we got home at 5pm.  And they still ate supper!  The Lad is STILL working on his homework and Little Miss is aiming for an hour of reading tonight. Pumpkin and her Daddy are on the desktop typing a Spanish report.  It has been a busy mom night but my heart is content.  Now time to hug those munchkins and pray with them. 

O is for Opportunity!  It looks like the husband is heading to Zambia in February.  We told the kids tonight and they all booed the idea.  Well, Pumpkin said it was a good thing if AND ONLY if she joined him.  The Lad said, “No thank you.”  Little Miss was confused why Daddy would go so early.  

N is for nights at the Knights.  Winter has slowed us down a bit this year.  The Lad is not in a winter sport and the girlies are only doing gymnastics so we have had the privilege of having some relaxing evenings at home.  We have esp. enjoyed sitting by the fire reading while listening to instrumental music.  

D is for deadline.  We are busy busy busy preparing to load the containers to ship to Zambia.  The husband and I had an intimate date at Sam’s Club this weekend, planning the menu for the 500 plus hungry Americans in Zambia this summer.  

A is for anxiety.  I am taking my ESL certification test this Saturday.  Yes, I have MAJOR test anxiety.  Always hated tests.  I always perform poorly.  I keep reminding myself that 17 years ago I took FOUR certification tests in one day and passed all of them.  I do recall that the testing monitor had to come over to my desk several times and tell me to be still and sit down.  Oh the things I am proud of!  🙂 So…maybe, just maybe I can pass this one.  I have been told that this is a difficult one.  I have really been studying so if I fail, it is not from the lack of preparing.  I want to get this over with!!!!

Y is for yesterday.  We were not home much at all yesterday due to showings of our house.  We have not heard from our realtor but we sure are hoping that something comes from the recent showings and price reduction.


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