Hodge Podge Prayer

Today there is not an “assigned” prayer on my handy dandy prayer calendar.  The gal (who I can not remember exactly who that was) who gave it to me scribbled 5 “things” to pray DAILY for your children.  I decided that today would be the day I would commit to truly focus on those 5 items and share them with you.

1.  Passion for God (AMEN)

2.  Purpose

3.  Godly Pals (oh how I am starting to respect the importance of this one)

4.  Their Partner

5.  Pure (covered that one once a month but I am certain it deserves more devotion than that!!!)


This is a no-brainer.  Of course this is my heart’s cry for my children. This summer I esp. saw a glimpse of this in our son’s life.  While you will most likely hear my son complain of having to spend the ENTIRE summer in Zambia, he is the one who has grown the most from the amazing experience.


This is the million dollar question for most of us.  My son started asking this question a couple of years ago.  “What if I don’t know God’s will in my life?”  The girls have started to wonder too.  Little Miss assured me of one thing:  “I know I don’t want to get married b/c I don’t want to have children that will drive me crazy.”  (gulp)

Godly Pals

Geez Louise!  This one has moved to the top of the list and is highlighted, bolded, and italicized now that we have preteens in our midst.  A couple of weeks ago I took the children to the Galleria for some ice skating fun.  I decided not to skate b/c I would have had to take out a loan to pay for ALL of us.  I stood over the glass rail as I watched the children enjoy the activity. A few other moms stood next to me from time to time and struck up a conversation.  One woman was watching her 13-year-old daughter and her friend ice skate.  They were two cute girlies who obviously enjoyed each other and spent the majority of their time giggling around the rink.  I made a comment to the mom about having a 13-year-old.  I said I was NOT ready for that endeavor.  She patted me on the shoulder and said, “Good friends.  That is the key.”  She gazed over at her daughter and friend who were chatting a-mile-a-minute skating hand in hand. I am not sure if this woman was a believer but she had good insight.  I have earnestly started to pray for Godly pals for my children.

“He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”  Proverbs 13:20

Their Partner

This one sorta freaked my son out.  One night (about a year ago) I kissed my kids goodnight and prayed over each of them.  I am sure I said my usual thank you for his life, asked God to give him a happy heart to be obedient etc, etc.  I usually pray for them to be a Godly husband/wife and ask the Lord to prepare the heart of their mate.

I kissed my boy, turned off his light, and went about my business of the evening.  Twenty minutes or so passed and I was certain all the little people in the house were snoozing.  I heard a “Moooooommmm!” so I went to my firstborn to see what was wrong.  He sat up in bed and asked: “Do I have to kiss my wife?”  If he thinks kissing is gross then I am okay with that!!!


I said a bit about this a few days ago.  Check it out! 🙂

If I have had any sort of consistency in praying for my children, it would have to fall under the category of HODGE PODGE.  Isn’t that what life is full of?  A whole lot of this and a ton of that.

If we are on the hodge podge theme, let me throw out a bit more of it…..

I’m just a proud momma who loves her kiddos and desires to pray without ceasing for them!  Oh!  How the Lord is softening my heart to this practice.  I am so thankful that He hears my prayers for my not-so-little ones.

Even hodge podge prayers.


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