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I think I need a goal to keep blogging….

The 31 days of Praying for my Children certainly kept me on my toes with blogging.  I hate to confess that I actually did not completely finish the assignment.  I never recorded day 31!!!! Day 31 was praying for my children to have a servant’s heart. What? How on earth did I fail to fervently […]


hmmmmmmmmm… Learned a lot about this during our jaunt in Africa this summer.  Well, I didn’t learn about what contentment actually means….. I learned that my children, being raised as Americans, do and WILL struggle with being content.  I looked up the definition today and found that Webster says contentment is the feeling experienced when […]


I fell asleep before I could post my prayer last night.  I have kept up the momentum in the 31 days of praying for my children but I failed yesterday.  UUUGH!   Yesterday was compassion.   Which I lacked a bit of yesterday with one of the wee Knights (I won’t share).  Double uuuugh! Lord, […]


Lord, please cultivate in my children the ability to “show true humility toward all.”  Titus 3:2 The end.  I am about to fall asleep on top of my laptop.  Is is 9:01pm.  I think the marathon field trip is catching up with me.  That and the fact that I played tennis with the kids for […]


Well, I apparently lack perseverance tonight.  I am done.  Worn out.  Tired feet.  Need a bath. Pumpkin and I did indeed have a blast on her field trip but 16 hours of field tripping can force one to BE DONE. I am so thrilled that it is Friday and I don’t have to prepare for […]


Well, my hope was to get this blog post written before my brain was fried. I was obviously unsuccessful in that endeavor. My prayer for my children today is hope.  I remember a college friend told me that when I used the word hope, I was actually claiming that I EXPECTED what I said to […]


Today’s specific prayer is for PEACE. Dear Lord, Please grant ME peace and quiet.  That would be so nice. Thank you. I know good and well that the meaning of peace is much deeper than that. We definitely don’t get a lot of peace in the quiet sense around the Knightly Manor. In fact we […]


My son just walked by and asked, “Sweetness?  Is that the thing you are praying for us today?”  Not that I need to pray for any more of that.  We have lots of flaws but sweetness is typically in abundance here at the Knightly Manor. I was walking around the house this evening and spotted […]

The Box

The purchase of a simple box  for the husband was inspired by this letter to Ann Landers: “Dear Ann Landers: Last weekend, we celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. This morning, they left on a long-awaited trip to Hawaii. They were as excited as if it were their honeymoon. When my parents married, they had only […]


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word generosity?  Most say giving, usually referring to money.  The Lad says it means giving of compassion and also stuff.  It spreads out in so many ways, it is hard to describe.  I thought he summed it up fairly well.  I […]