It is a shame that when I initially see this word I think of a preteen’s paradise.  I am obviously in the throes of parenting a few preteens around here. 

So I am sure a certain 11-year-old female that dwells in the Knightly manor would love for me to pray for all the Justice possible.  

Sorry, sweet girl.  

My prayer for that girly and her siblings is Psalm 11:7 and Micah 6:8:

God, help my children to love justice as YOU do and to “act justly” in all they do.  

I asked my son what he thought the word justice means.  He said revenge.  I was not too thrilled with that answer.  I asked him what exactly he meant by that.  He said, “Not revenge revenge, but a better revenge when necessary.”


He then looked up at me and asked, “Mom, what is it then?”  You know, I really couldn’t answer him.  I knew it had something to do with the court systems and giving what is due.  Something something something.  

Guess I better get a better handle on what I am praying for.  Don’t think I need to pray for my children to have revenge.  🙂  

It is funny that my 12-year-old would say justice means revenge. I guess in his eyes, justice is getting what he THINKS the other deserves and acting according to his feelings.    Not sure how much justice occurs between siblings.  I think it is funny that justice tends to change meanings according to which side of the fence he is on.  hmmmm…

I started thinking that if justice is truly “giving to others what is their due” then I am doomed.  I have heard that God is a just God but if He is then shouldn’t I be dead?  Upon further study, I have found that justice is the exercise of God’s righteousness.  It is when God sees something that is not right and sets it straight.  It is His response to wrong doing and reward for just (right) living.  

Today two situations appeared in my life that just did not seem right.  I will not go into details for several reasons but it seemed as if claiming God as a just God was appropriate and that I should just hold on to knowing God will make it right.  As I sat at my kitchen table and shed a few tears this evening, seeking guidance in my prayers, I realized that my part in these situations is to do what is right.  Not that He showed me right then (He still hasn’t) but he revealed to me that it is a matter of my heart.  I tell my children all the time (when they want to point fingers and blame others) that it does NOT matter what others are doing… their job is to do what is right.  If they have a heart for obedience and selflessness, than all they can state is that they did the right thing.   I even said this today in the car!!!  

I also pray that all of us here in the Knightly manor would learn more about justice and experience God’s righteousness.  As we think about the holiness of God displayed in His justice, we are also reminded of the deep love of God that is displayed in His GRACE.

But that’s a whole other blogpost.

The next time you find yourself venturing into that preteen wonderland, think about what justice really means.  And be thankful that God’s justice never goes out of style.

No matter how old you are.

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