Well, well, well!  If this was not 31 days of praying for my children, this one word would certainly be on the top of the list for pet peeves of this momma. 

Of course I crave for my children to be responsible so that they can be outstanding and cash-earning citizens who will choose to put mom and pop in a fancy nursing home. 

Of course I crave for my children to be responsible so I don’t have to do so much stinkin’ work around the house. 

And I want them to be responsible so they can make perfect grades, earn a full scholarship (like their daddy) and make us proud. 

All joking aside….

Resonsibility is doing what you need to do in a timely manner. 

I know, I know.  I am talking about children, one being an absent-minded 12-year-old male, another a social butterfly, and the third a fireball with no specific purpose in mind. 

Good thing our Heavenly Father is the Potter and these cute little ones are His clay!  And most importantly, He is the Author and Finisher of their faith. 

I assume I share the same sentiment about this character trait with every other parent who has ever breathed this air.  I would love to admit that my three darlings are mature in this endeavor and we are seeing the fruit of our labor in raising responsible Knights around our manor. 


I hate to lie so I will simply share my prayer:

Lord, grant that my children may learn responsibility, “for each one should carry his own load.” 

(Galations 6:5)

And if they do become completely responsible . . . will I still have to do the laundry?

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