My son just walked by and asked, “Sweetness?  Is that the thing you are praying for us today?” 

Not that I need to pray for any more of that. 

We have lots of flaws but sweetness is typically in abundance here at the Knightly Manor.

I was walking around the house this evening and spotted a few sweet things. 

And what about those curls?  Is she really from my gene pool?  One of the last conversations I had with the Husband’s precious Paternal Grandmother was whether or not I had “given that little girl a permanent.”  Grandmother Knight actually asked that a lot the last few times we saw each other before she went home to be with Sweet Jesus.  I remember telling her that the good Lord decided to be thematic and give our youngest child spunk all around.  And that He did.  🙂 

He decided to add quite a bit of beauty into that mix too. 

I guess while we are on the subject of sweetness, cute kiddos, and just plain being happy with my blessings, I will add some more recent pictures of pure randomness! 

???  I had to leave for about 35 minutes on Sunday afternoon and left the manly Knight in charge of this one and our 5 year old niece.   Not sure what went on.

I did catch the three oldest cousins dancing and just enjoying each other.  Shhhh!  Don’t tell my 12 year old niece and 12 year old son.  They supposedly ignore each other at all costs (poor things have to go to the same school and are in classes together). 

Here are a few Valentine’s Day pics I did not include in our Valentine Fondue post….

What is he looking at? 

Our daughter looking AND acting a little too old for her own good!

Oh!  I guess I should actually write another post about my prayer for the children now.

And I might also pray for sweetness . . . and thank the Lord for it.


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