I think I need a goal to keep blogging….

The 31 days of Praying for my Children certainly kept me on my toes with blogging.  I hate to confess that I actually did not completely finish the assignment.  I never recorded day 31!!!!

Day 31 was praying for my children to have a servant’s heart.


How on earth did I fail to fervently pray for that one?!?!!


Well, it had something to do with the calendar telling us we had something EVERY SINGLE NIGHT of the week and the fact that the husband was trying to leave the country.

Wish I could bail like that after crazy weeks.

Seriously, the husband is on plane ride #2 flying somewhere over the middle of Africa.  3 more hours and he should land.

So… in the spirit of random posts, let me share some news. Nothing of great importance.

On Monday, I received an email saying my ESL certification test results were available for viewing.  I started sweating and became a bit dizzy.  Did I really want to know?  My aide stood over my shoulder acting as anxious as I was.  I finally fumbled around and recalled all my passwords and ID numbers.  I pulled up my results and glanced briefly only to see one word.  PASSED.

I jumped.

I yelled.

I hugged.


Thank you dear Lord.  Yes, I did NOT do that one on my own.  It was a very challenging test and I am still shocked that I passed it.  I am now ESL certified!  One more certification tagged to my teaching credentials.


I was issued an ipad for my classroom on Monday too!  Yep, Monday was a good day.  I have already used it in so many positive ways.  There are 2,000 more uses I am looking forward to using in the future.

I am in the midst of choosing a Pre-K curriculum for our district to adopt.  B/c I am THE pre-k teacher, I am making the decision.  Love the freedom, not the pressure.  I have had fun in the process and hope to finalize my choice soon.  I must say after attending 6 presentations (there are 7 to choose from), I am still not certain which route to take.

The husband left for Zambia yesterday.  It was really throwing me off  because he has never gone in February before.  I kept thinking that I have soooo much remaining to do before the kids and I leave.  I had to keep reminding myself that this is not the summer departure. Amazing how much weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I have a love/hate relationship with my husband’s absence.  We are a TRUE team in this parenting thingy.  He also shares so much of the load around the house.  I am spoiled (it was part of the agreement with me going back to work full time and he has DEFINITELY kept his end of the bargain).  Did I mention I was spoiled? The one thing I do enjoy is that I am more aware of how wonderful the husband truly is.  I depend on him sooooo much in so many areas!  Sometimes it might even be unhealthy so times apart seem to whip me back into my rightful place.  I also KNOW and DEPEND on the Lord’s help.  I have already caught  myself in many prayers for guidance.  And why do I think I don’t need his guidance when Daddy is around?!?!? !   Double uuugh!

Pumpkin starts the new volleyball season with a new team tomorrow night.  She is excited.

I attended a 6th and 7th grade transition night on Thursday.  I DO NOT HAVE a 7th grader. The counselor was talking about the road to graduation and being in the honors track, etc, etc.


All I heard is “Your baby is growing up so deal with it.”

Or something like that.


7th grade.


And he wants to play football.  Real live school football.

Triple UUUGH!

My son is a gem and I am tickled pink how he is maturing…but he is still a 12 year old boy and very silly!!!

8:45 and all the kids are snoozing.  Lunches are packed, clothes set out, breakfast dishes on the table, and a good attitude all around. Thank you Lord for the grace you give us.  Help us have happy hearts and love for each other while Daddy is absent.

And land that big plane safely!





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