Monthly Archives: April 2011

K is for Knightly Chats

I started this little blog thingy over 3 years ago. I named it Knightly Chats as a play off our last name. Blogging has been a fun part of my life.  I remember mentioning in my first post that I had a fear that I would lack things to write about.  A week later I […]

J is for juggler

J is for juggler.  Yep, I married a juggler.  And what fun he can be!  I will never forget the first time we went to the Safeway up in Germantown, Maryland (8 days after our wedding).  I was trying to figure out my new surroundings and be wise in my first newlywed purchases.  The husband? […]

I is for ice cream

I is for ice cream.  Love the stuff!  In fact, I am consuming some as I type.  UUUGH!  A weakness I have. I is for  IEP.  This little acronym (Individualized Education Plan) is a pretty big part of my job.  It is what drives my instruction for my wee ones with special needs.  Although I […]

H is for home

Hi is for home.  I agree with Dorothy.  “There is no place like home.”  I know that sounds pretty funny coming from a gal like me who craves adventure.  But traveling and trying new things only seem to remind me that there truly is no place like home.  AND home is where the heart is […]

G is for go

 G is for go.  I go all the time.  Something is always keeping me busy.  If I am home, I am doing something . And if for some odd reason I am really not “going,”  my mind is going.  I would like to say I am productive but I tend to waste a lot of […]

F is for family

F is for family. I loved being a part of a tight family growing up.  I married into a tight family.  My desire is to create a tight family, a family who praises and serves the Lord. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”    Joshua 24:15 F is for fruit.  […]

E is for energy

…or the lack thereof. Actually, e is for energy.  Most folks who know me will most likely use that word in describing me.  I have always been a ball of fire (and I wonder where our youngest gets it  from??).  I always fill my plate more than full and have a hard time sitting still.  […]

D is for Dad

D is for Daddy.  I love my Dad!  And I know he loves me.  He sure was strict on me growing up but he has softened quite a bit since becoming Papa. D is for Dare. I am always up for one!  How do you think I started dating the husband? D is for Dizzy.  […]

C is for Cynthia

Cynthia is my name. It means “bearer of light.”  My mother lovingly refers to me as her Sunshine.  The only qualm I have with my name is that I am not named after anyone in particular.  For some reason that fact bothered me as a child.  Even my middle name was given “just because.” But […]

B is for Busy

The first “b” word that came to mind that describes me is BUSY.  Not only is my schedule busy but I am busy.  If I am not gallivanting around, my feet, my eyes, or my hands are busy doing something.  I find tranquility in productivity. B is for brother.  I have only one sibling, my […]