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Seems like one sure way to get me blogging on a regular basis is to talk about something of interest to me.

So, let’s talk about me.


In all seriousness (which I am NEVER fully serious), I have been toying with the idea of  journaling some of my thoughts, not just the happenings at Knightly Manor.  My Creative Memories consultant challenged us scrappers to participate in a monthly “about me” project.  Well, it is quickly approaching May and I have done….



With that thought only floating around my brain right along with 900,203 other thoughts, I then read my friend’s Anna’s Alphabet Meme.  Considering I like to talk about me and the alphabet is something I recite on a daily basis (being a Pre-K teacher and all), I decided to commit to attempt the task.


Please note the word COMMIT is lovingly crossed out.

Attempt is now the key word.

So…. in the spirit of journaling a bit about me for various reasons (my children can use this as bedtime reading material in years to come and for me….just to have), here is day one of my new blogging commitment.  I wrote it!  COMMITMENT.  Rats!  I think I am not committed.

A is for Andrew.  This meme is supposedly about ME but how could I delete Andrew from ME?  I can’t!  My Andrew is a huge part of my life and a huge part of who I am and who I am daily becoming.  My husband is the most amazing man EVER and I adore him.  I just unintentionally used two “A” words to describe him.  I am so thematic.

Andrew fills my life with adventure.  He packed me up 8 days after our wedding day and threw me into a new world called Washington DC.  DC is an exciting place and the experiences I had while living there molded many pieces of me.  Our latest adventure is obviously living in Zambia during the summers.

Those adventures lead to countless hours on airplanes.

Yes, I become ancy but I actually find it exhilarating.

Speaking of airplanes, I conquered a fear this past summer.

I like long airplane rides on BIG airplanes with movies, bathrooms, and servers.

I am not a big fan of this:

I have always had a fear of little airplanes.  I get the heebeejeebees just looking at them.  The second picture was taken prior to the flight.  I apparently locked my leg out of fear and could hardly walk once we landed.

All.  I have an “all or nothing” mentality.  This causes me much grief.

Because of my traveling adventures, I am truly proud to be an American!  I get the goose bumps every time I land on American soil.  Crazy but I do!

I want to go to Alaska.  A cruise with the husband would be lovely.

A is for the absence of aunts in my life.  My parents are both only children so the only aunts I have ever known were great aunts.  And wonderful aunts they have been!  When I married my Knight in shining armor, I was ecstatic to discover that several aunts came with the package.  Aunt EJ has esp. wiggled her way into my heart and loves me like I am blood related.  If you look closely in the pic of me on the plane, you will see her sweet face peeking behind The Lad.

A is for Apple!  Couldn’t leave that one out!  Yes, I do enjoy eating apples but we are quickly becoming an Apple techno family.  Our Ipad 2 arrived yesterday.  To say we have a few happy recipients around here would be a GIANT understatement.

Anna.  I have always loved that name but failed to name a female offspring Anna.  Maybe we need just one more….



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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted April 16, 2011 at 12:10 am | Permalink

    I love that you are attempting to commit 🙂 to this meme! Yes, you have been on quite a few adventures with Andrew, haven’t you?!

    A little girl named after me would be so nice, I think you should reconsider that last statement 🙂 Love ya!

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