B is for Busy

The first “b” word that came to mind that describes me is BUSY.  Not only is my schedule busy but I am busy.  If I am not gallivanting around, my feet, my eyes, or my hands are busy doing something.  I find tranquility in productivity.

B is for brother.  I have only one sibling, my brother, David.  He is 21 months older than me and now lives less than 10 minutes away.  I hate to confess that we are not as close as I would like but we do see each other regularly and I adore his family.  I admire my brother.  He is my pastor and the father of five of the coolest kiddos.  I have a million memories of his creativity (and him forcing me to join in his creative ideas).  He is talented in numerous areas.  And yes, he is annoying, but what brother is not?

B is for beliefs.  I could not abandon this aspect of my life.  My beliefs drive me.  Drive me to be who I am.  Or really, who I am called to be.  I believe that God sent his ONLY Son to pay a debt HE did not owe.  I believe I am a sinner and the payment on the cross is the only way to the Father.

My “b” verse is:

Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.” Acts 16:31

B is for Baptist.  I was raised in a Christian family who had roots in the Baptist denomination.  I love that the husband and I do not feel “tied” down to this faith.  We don’t believe in a church; we believe in the Bible.

B is for Bible.   The Bible is the foundation of my beliefs.  And my life.  I will confess that I am lacking a commitment to absorb it like I know I should.  UUGH!  I struggle with this b/c at the time of  studying God’s word, I feel unproductive.  Remember, I have a need for productivity.

B is for boss.  I am blessed to have an understanding and supportive boss.  She puts a lot of trust in me but is also willing to pitch in when needed.  She is a believer too!

B is for Boston.  I would like to go to Boston in the fall.  I have never been.

B if for boys.  I had convinced myself that I only wanted to be a mother of boys.  Well, I obviously had no say in that decision…THANK THE LORD.  Oh, and what would my life be without my precious little girls!?!?!  Less drama!  Seriously, I love raising a boy.  It is easier in some ways than raising the girlies.  My firstborn and I do have a unique bond, although it is nothing like the one he shares with his Daddy.  That bond is stronger than super glue!

B is for bold.  The husband just told me to include this one.  According to him, I like bold flavors, bold scents, and bold ideas.  While it is true that I like a little boldness in my life, I also tend to be a little conservative in some areas.  I like the excitement and adventure of being bold, but I also like to keep things under control and not too far outside the norm.  My husband says I am a study in contrasts . . . but he also says he likes the end result!

B is for blessed.


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