E is for energy

…or the lack thereof.

Actually, e is for energy.  Most folks who know me will most likely use that word in describing me.  I have always been a ball of fire (and I wonder where our youngest gets it  from??).  I always fill my plate more than full and have a hard time sitting still.  But lately, I just don’t seem to have enough energy to complete my daily tasks.  It might be due to several factors:

1.  I am nearing 40!

2.  I teach little people all day.

3.  I work full-time and have three active children to tend to.

4.  There is not enough time in the day to sneak in a little down time.

In college, I was voted “Most likely to need a tranquilizer.”  I have also been known as “Spaz.”  I often walk down the halls at school feeling worn out and fellow teachers comment on my spunkiness.  Really?  I feel nearly empty at times.

I am thankful for the energy.  The Lord has called me to several HUGE tasks and there is NO WAY I could be a part of His plan without energy that comes from Him.  I am hoping to find an ample supply of the stuff during these next 6 weeks.  This is crazy time around the Knightly Manor as we prepare for our summer in Africa.

E is for envy.  This is where I get brutally honest.  I decided today that I must share it all if I am to obtain my goal in blogging.  And this little meme thingy I got going is kinda like a memoir for me to have.

I envy the mothers who drive through the carpool line every morning and drive away alone.  ALONE!

I envy other women who are thin and don’t workout.   Grrrr!

I envy the families who are missionaries in Africa full-time.

I envy those who show how much they love Jesus with every move they make.

So….I am a sinner.  I have an issue with envy.

E is for elephants.  I think elephants are very interesting creatures.  My family rode them this summer in Africa.  I was elated.

E is for elevators.  I DO NOT LIKE elevators.  I would rather walk up 10 flights of stairs.

E is for eclectic.  My mom calls me a study in contrasts.  I guess I agree.  I crave quiet time alone with my man Bach (I love classical music) playing in the background.  I thrive off of people and I love loud music.  I long to live in the country.  We almost made that move about 5 years ago to be close to our precious little private school.  Good thing God knew then what we know now.  I enjoy a bit of culture and the hustle and bustle of the city.  But I would not last long living IN a city.  The suburbs apparently work well for me.   I am always on the go but crave home when I am away.  Fill me up on all sorts of natural and exotic foods but then I turn around and want tator tots and a vanilla coke.

The verse for the day (I forgot to do the “D” verse yesterday.  Oops!  ):

“Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.” (Proverbs 20:11)

I guess the same is true for mamas, wives, and teachers . . . so Lord, give me the heart (and the energy!) to have actions that are pleasing to You.

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