G is for go

 G is for go.  I go all the time.  Something is always keeping me busy.  If I am home, I am doing something . And if for some odd reason I am really not “going,”  my mind is going.  I would like to say I am productive but I tend to waste a lot of time.

G is for Grace.  This is what sustains me. “Marvelous Grace of our loving Lord, grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt…..”  My favorite hymn!!!

G is for gratitude.  I know this is not a Thanksgiving post….but g truly is for being grateful.  I am indeed grateful for my life….b/c it is life, a gift.  BUT my life is full and rich.  Our family especially has so much to be grateful for this year.  Sure, things don’t always go my way but the blessings bestowed upon us are neverending.

I am glad it is bedtime.  I had a fourteen hour day.  Looking forward to some time at home this weekend.  Oh! I just forgot.  I think we are heading out of town.  There is always next weekend….

G is for good night!

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