H is for home

Hi is for home.  I agree with Dorothy.  “There is no place like home.”  I know that sounds pretty funny coming from a gal like me who craves adventure.  But traveling and trying new things only seem to remind me that there truly is no place like home.  AND home is where the heart is or you could say the heart is where the home is.  Being with my family is where I feel the most comfortable.  We can be on top of an elephant in Africa, riding the Tube in London, or sitting on the front steps of our house in Texas eating ice cream.

H is for Houston, the first place I called home.  I was born south of Houston in Texas City and remained in the burbs until 7th grade.  Speaking of Houston…my family just happens to be there right this minute visiting the husband’s sister.

H is for hair.  I have never liked my hair.  It is straight, stringy, and stubborn.

H is for hot.  I like it hot!  Baths, coffee, and tea.  I am always nuking my warm drinks.  I love hot showers and baths but then I then like to step into a cold room.  However, I do not like BEING hot.  I prefer the cold any day.

H is for Heathrow airport.  The countdown has begun.  Less than 6 weeks from now the kids and I will be flying into London Heathrow airport then we will board another plane heading south for Lusaka, Zambia. 

H is for healthy.  My family has experienced extremely good health.

H is for happy.  I want everybody to be happy.  I like to make people happy and I like being happy.  I do think I live with the happiest guy ever!  🙂  And yes, he always wears that big goofy (and precious) grin.

H is for Halloween.  I am not a big fan of this holiday.  Never have been.  I do LOVE LOVE LOVE October 31.  That is the day that I gave birth to my first beautiful daughter over 11 years ago.  What a great day!  And we enjoy celebrating her life every year on this day.

H is for hunt.  We will be having a little hunt for eggs tomorrow.  Happy Easter!

H is for Hallelujah!   Christ the Lord is Risen!!!  Hallelujah indeed!!!


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