I is for ice cream

I is for ice cream.  Love the stuff!  In fact, I am consuming some as I type.  UUUGH!  A weakness I have.

I is for  IEP.  This little acronym (Individualized Education Plan) is a pretty big part of my job.  It is what drives my instruction for my wee ones with special needs.  Although I have written quite a few in my years as a special education teacher, I have much room for improvement.

I is for Indiana, Idaho, and Illinois.  I have never visited these states and desire to do so.

I is for India.  Another desired destination.  Can you tell I like to travel?  Another aspect of my job (I wear many hats) is teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).  The majority of my qualifying language children are from India.  I am very curious about their culture.  The families I work with are dear and I crave to be able to relate to them even more.

I is for the internet.  I have become rather fond of all things internetty.  Not having unlimited internet access and fast internet is rather frustrating at times while in Africa.  I have become addicted, like my children.

And speaking of the internet . . . good night, intenetty friends, good night!


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