J is for juggler

J is for juggler.  Yep, I married a juggler.  And what fun he can be!  I will never forget the first time we went to the Safeway up in Germantown, Maryland (8 days after our wedding).  I was trying to figure out my new surroundings and be wise in my first newlywed purchases.  The husband?  He was juggling apples and grapefruit!

J is for June, my birthday month.  I have always loved having a birthday in June.  It was esp. great when I was younger b/c it was exactly halfway through the year and not close to Christmas.  Perfect!  The negative point is that I NEVER had cupcakes at school for my special day.  I once had a teacher who thought she was so clever and told me we could celebrate my half birthday.  Well, on my half bday, the rest of the world is focused on Christmas.  The nerve. 🙂 Not that being off from school on your birthday and half birthday is a bad thing.  I did have two classes at Baylor one summer on my special day.

J is for July.  Our firstborn was born on the 30th of July almost 13 years ago.  I love that July marks the month I became a mother.

J is for Jesus. He fills my life with great JOY.

J is for Japan.  The Lad keeps telling me he wants to stop over in Japan on the way home from Africa.  I don’t think he quite gets the concept of Asia and Africa being so many miles apart!  He told me he did indeed know the distance but he still wanted to go.  I can respect that.

J is for journey.  The journey I have taken with my husband has been long, unexpected, and often difficult.  It has also been fun, relationship-building, adventurous, interesting, and JOYOUS.  The path the husband (well, really the Lord) has taken me on is so far from what I planned out.  One thing I have learned over 15 years of planning:  STOP PLANNING.  It has worked so far.  True, I end up in Africa every summer but b/c I had stopped planning, it didn’t really mess much up.  🙂

J is for Josh Josh.  I have one older sibling, David.  For some unknown reason, I called him “Josh Josh.”  Who knows?

J is for jubilant.  If I am happy, I am jubilant.  If I am not, stay far far far away.  No in between for me, thank you.

J is for just about halfway through the alphabet.  I hope you are enjoying my little jaunt down meme lane!

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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted April 26, 2011 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    I really am enjoying it! Thanks so much for sharing every day – look forward to reading about this time every evening!

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