K is for Knightly Chats

I started this little blog thingy over 3 years ago.

I named it Knightly Chats as a play off our last name. Blogging has been a fun part of my life.  I remember mentioning in my first post that I had a fear that I would lack things to write about.  A week later I sat in a hospital room blogging while my husband was lying in the bed with Dengue Fever (a disease transmitted by mosquitoes).  Oh!  How fun it has been to journal the events of my life.  The ups, the downs, and even the observations I make of daily life.  I might have very few readers but those few innocently motivate me to keep going and record my “life.”  Thank you little internety pals.

K is for kiss.  I have always thought kissing was a gross event.  At least it kept me out of trouble in high school. Wouldn’t you know that I married the most touchy man alive?  Somehow he has convinced me that kissing is more than swapping slobber (which it really is).

K is for kids.  I have a lot of these in my life.  Good thing I enjoy little people.  I must confess that I still cringe when I use the word kid when I am referring to little humans.  Back in the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college, I worked for part of the summer as a nanny for a family with five kids.  The grandmother, who was Polish, came to stay for a week or two and offered many corrections when I referred to her grandchildren as kids.  The Babushka (grandmother) would bark at me saying, “These children don’t say baaaaa.  They are children, not goats.”  So apparently I should be writing about little noisy animals that eat everything, not the little things I invest my time in.

So tonight, k is for keeping it short and sweet.  Must say goodnight and get some sleep so I can be well rested for those k–, I mean, children in the morning.

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