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Serving with 3 generations

Greetings from Zambia

Week 4 of Camp Life is in full swing.  Our three children LOVE having their own groups.  I was able to meet some of their sweet kiddos today.  What fun!  One of my first sightings at camp today was Little Miss walking down the path with a wee little boy under each of her arms.  […]


This is the week that our children will actually have a group of children during camp.  The previous 3 weeks have been spent settling in and being a part of several aspects of the ministry.  The children and I have gone to camp every Tuesday.  The children bee-bop around from group to group loving on […]

Our family has arrived!!!

We got up way early yesterday morning to greet the husband’s family at the Lusaka airport.  We are soooooooooo  thankful they are here with us for a few weeks.  They rested up for a bit yesterday and unpacked their belongings.  We took them out to dinner at a South African chain restaurant called Mike’s.  Today […]

one week down…

We have been settling into our life here in Africa for over two weeks now. The children have had a nice mixture of just being kiddos and getting into the Zambia way of life. The husband works pretty much 24/7 (maybe getting 4 hours of sleep per night). The Lord has definitely sustained him and […]

Just stuff….

Life is picking up here in Zambia.  The children have struggled quite a bit to go to sleep at a decent hour.  They are slowly, but surely, getting there. The children have not left our complex (neighborhood) until today.  They have so enjoyed just being kids!  Having friends around 24/7 is great fun!  I have […]

Growing Fat

It is nice to be back on familiar soil here in Zambia.  I have started to reunite with some of my Zambian peeps.  Today I start my cooking duties.  I just returned from greeting my kitchen pals and was greeted with a kind welcome.  Well, kind in Zambian terms.  Jack, my head cook this year […]

We are HERE!!!

We are all one happy family now in Zambia, Africa.  We are all exhausted, even Daddy who has been working very very late every evening. The children and I arrived in Lusaka about 7am (midnight Texas time).  Daddy met us there despite the busy first morning of Camp Life.  He even somehow talked his way […]