We are HERE!!!

We are all one happy family now in Zambia, Africa.  We are all exhausted, even Daddy who has been working very very late every evening.

The children and I arrived in Lusaka about 7am (midnight Texas time).  Daddy met us there despite the busy first morning of Camp Life.  He even somehow talked his way through security so he could go through immigration with us.  Obviously, security here is a wee bit different!  🙂  I was so happy Daddy did indeed go through immigration with us so the process of getting on his work permit/visa was easy.  You never know how long or how expensive immigration will be!

All of our luggage arrived!  The only issue was several bags were soaking wet due to sitting out in the rain in London.  So….the husband hooked up our washer and dryer and I completed 5 loads of laundry the first day here.  I am so so so so thankful for having my own washer and dryer.  Of course it turns out to be more of a community one but I don’t mind one bit.

The children and I hardly slept on the plane.  We did sleep in London….well, the kids did but I really did not.  The children were convinced they could stay up all day yesterday but they all crashed right after lunch.  When I say crash, I mean really crash!  I should have taken pictures of them all over the villa sleeping.  Cute!  I pushed through and did not nap.  I thought it would be best if I pushed on and  just went to bed around 9pm.  Well, I had great intentions.  I made 2 batches of cookies for the Summer Staff girls then headed to bed around 9:45 only to discover that just b/c I was so sleepy, didn’t mean the ones who DID take a nap were ready for bed!!!

UUGH!  And the husband was out until almost 1am working.  Needless to say it was a rough night.  The kids were REALLY trying to go to sleep and apologizing profusely.  I was kind (but sleepy) and kept telling them it was about their bodies being confused, not disobedience.  The Lad and Pumpkin slept until noon!!!  I woke up to run some errands.  I exchanged money, bought some personal food for our family, and bought a lamp.  I am amazed how expensive things are here.  A wee lamp was $40!  I went with Susan (boss’ wife) and Erin (who lives here with her husband for the year) to run the errands.  We even discovered a very nice coffee shop and enjoyed a nice little treat and chat.  I also visited a travel agency, a hair salon, and bought the kids ice cream (even though I only had one of mine but two of Erin’s).  It is great fun this year b/c we have more staff kids here and we all just tend to all as needed.

Nothing very exciting today.  I am just getting in the groove of the culture.  Driving on the opposite side of the road, paying for items in Kwacha.  Most items I bought today at the market were about 20,000 Kwacha!  Not use to thinking in thousands and millions to purchase daily items!!!  It is basically 5,000K for every US dollar.  I did get harassed by the peddlars, drove through lots of smoke, almost got hit by a catr (pedestrians have no right away), and spoke and said hello in Nyanja a few times.  So……we are getting into our life here in Zambia.  Except for our jet lag (that I can’t recalling being this bad in the past), we are adjusting very well.  It almost seems like we really never left last summer.

Tomorrow I start my cooking duties.  Thankfully a few of my cooks are still here.  I was warned that a few had moved on so I was prepared to reteach them.  Last year teaching the Zambians to “brown” meat was VERY interesting.  Apparently I made a big impact b/c when I mentioned I needed 15kg of minced meat (ground beef), Simon, my cook, quickly threw in, ” NO WATER.  NO OIL.”  Well, done Simon!  Yeah ! We shall see.  I heard the spaghetti sauce looked a bit like runny chili and brown gravy.  That explains the round of clapping I received when I was introduced as the one to teach the Zambians to cook.  🙂  My job might be challenging.

And I will accept the challenge!  I know the Lord will give me strength and grace to fulfill my calling this summer.  But…I am so ready to see some of my Zambian kiddos!!!!



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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted June 7, 2011 at 2:05 pm | Permalink

    I’m so very happy to read about how all is going so far. Will check here daily to see if anything new has been added!!! Love you

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