one week down…

We have been settling into our life here in Africa for over two weeks now. The children have had a nice mixture of just being kiddos and getting into the Zambia way of life.

The husband works pretty much 24/7 (maybe getting 4 hours of sleep per night). The Lord has definitely sustained him and kept him healthy. If he goes more than two nights with that little sleep, he is sick instantly!!!

My work cooking with the Zambians is going very well. It is always interesting to see our two cultures cross paths but my cooks have been very accepting and respectful of me. I am very grateful! I started singing songs in Bemba (one of the languages spoken here) while stirring a HUGE pot cheese sauce. Before I knew it, Simon (my cook), was joining me. That was a fun time.

I still have not been out in the community as much as I desire but hopefully I will be able to do more work in the schools and see some of the children I love. I did have a small taste of the not so fun culture yesterday. Susan (the boss’ wife) and I were driving around looking for avocados at little produce stands. We found a little stand that had a few avocados so Susan stopped the car and I ran over and asked how much. The little lady was sweet and had limited English but we were getting along just fine until a drunk showed up and gave that sweet lady havoc. He started talking a bit nasty to me and another drunk man saying things like me being racist and not wanting him. Hello!!! Awkward! I quickly paid for only a few avocados and ran back to the car. Susan asked me why I did not buy more and was in such a hurry. I wanted out of that situation fast so I bolted!

Today is a day full of catching up on my laundry. I had a maid on Monday which was NICE but she has not come back. I am not sure about that situation. I have mixed emotions about having a housekeeper. I certainly prefer to have one when I have a pile of baking dishes!!!

On the home front:
Our summer tenants moved in on Sunday. We are re listing our house this week too! Our desire is not to own a house when we return. My dad has rights to sign offers and even close on our house if needed. Then we will have to find a new house when we return in August. Won’t that be fun! Supposedly we got a new roof last Thursday. Seems like such major things happening but being so far away sorta dilutes the magnitude of it all.


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