Greetings from Zambia

Week 4 of Camp Life is in full swing.  Our three children LOVE having their own groups.  I was able to meet some of their sweet kiddos today.  What fun!  One of my first sightings at camp today was Little Miss walking down the path with a wee little boy under each of her arms.  She looked so big. So confident.  So happy.

The Lad has seemed to bond with his guys and is enjoying the Blessing Times (one on one times).  Pumpkin has jumped right in and loves her little gals.

Gran, Grandaddy, and Aunt Ella Jane seem to be loving it as well.  It is a tiring but JOYFUL week for them.  We love having them here.  Camp ends on Friday and most Americans will return home on Saturday but our family will remain here for another week.  I am soooo looking forward to our holiday in Zanzibar next week.  Of course it will be an amazing experience but having a break as a family will be rejuvenating and help us finish the summer strong.

I am hoping to post pics soon!



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