Monthly Archives: July 2011

Final days

I really dread writing those words…final days in Africa.  The children and I all agree that this has been the fastest 2 months EVER!  We have settled in here just fine and really don’t have a big desire to pack up and go back to the other side of the pond. Of course my main […]

a few phrases…

The Zambians use several phrases here that don’t mean quite what they mean to us in the states.   I wanted to jot them down here so I never forget… 1.  She has shifted.  This means she has moved or changed locations. 2.  It is just okay.  This means that it is fine.  Sounds like […]

Just one pic from our day…

This is the little gal our Little Miss chose to sponsor three years ago. I think she was happy to see us.  It was a very mutual feeling!!!  We visited several of our children today along with my brother’s SP (sponsored child) and our friends, the Clays, SP.  What fun! Soooo blessed to give gifts […]

Things I will miss…

Our time here in Africa is quickly coming to an end.  My husband informed me last night that he will work even longer hours the next 10 days to cram in as much as possible.  Not sure how he will do that considering he is averaging 4 hours of sleep per night as it is. […]

Revisiting the alphabet game

I was obviously unsuccessful in completing my little alphabet meme back in the spring.  Can’t imagine things being a bit on the hectic side back then.  I have thought about picking up where I left off but then I decided that going through the alphabet might be fun to catch up on all the fun […]

My Zambian Friend

One fact that is hard for me to swallow over here is that I can’t develop a close friendship with many Zambians…I mean our Zambian employees.  I hated that last year.  There are some AMAZING folks that work for our ministry but we have very little time to spend together outside of camp. I was […]

missing this…


Just a glimpse of our holiday…


New hobby

Our three children FELL IN LOVE with scuba diving.  They trained in the pool and now the two older ones can take a course online and then complete their training next year when we go somewhere exotic.  Yes, The Lad has planned our vacations for the next five years.     We all enjoyed a […]


We returned “home” to Zambia tonight.  We had an INCREDIBLE holiday in Zanzibar.  I lack the words to adequately describe how much we enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I lack the means to post pictures tonight too.  I only took a bit over 1,000 photos!  🙂  We saw such awesome creations created by the awesome Creator.  WOW!!!  […]