We returned “home” to Zambia tonight.  We had an INCREDIBLE holiday in Zanzibar.  I lack the words to adequately describe how much we enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I lack the means to post pictures tonight too.  I only took a bit over 1,000 photos!  🙂  We saw such awesome creations created by the awesome Creator.  WOW!!!  The first time I stuck my head under water at the coral reef (in the middle of the Indian Ocean), I started giggling. Yep, I was giggling in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  I had to pop my head back up to finish my belly laugh.  I was blown away.

I have TONS and TONS of things to share but I must head to bed.  The end of our vacation was quickly verified the moment we returned to our villa.  The husband’s phone rang and rang.  It is almost 11pm and he is out working late again.

Vacation….how I miss thee already!

Tomorrow not only starts a new week of Camp Life with a new batch of Americans…. we have to say goodbye to Gran, Grandaddy, and Auntie EJ.  We have sooooooo enjoyed having them.  We esp. enjoyed the 4 days of vacation with them.  We truly, truly did.

We will call Zambia home for another 4 weeks then we will head home to the states until the Lord brings up back here again.  My heart apparently dwells on two separate continents.


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