My Zambian Friend

One fact that is hard for me to swallow over here is that I can’t develop a close friendship with many Zambians…I mean our Zambian employees.  I hated that last year.  There are some AMAZING folks that work for our ministry but we have very little time to spend together outside of camp.

I was praying about this last year and at the end of our time here, I realized that I had indeed made a new friend.  Eunice was a waitress at a cafe our family visits often.  Sweet Eunice was 6 months pregnant in July and always had such a sweet disposition as she delivered my yummy cafe mochas (the best ever).  We somehow hit it off and spent a wee bit of time together.  The last day I saw her, I asked her what she would name her baby.  She told me it was a boy and she wanted to give him the same name as my firstborn son.  I told him his name and she told me that would be the name.

I left in August.  I have thought about Eunice often, esp. when her due date neared in October.  I was curious to know if she did indeed name her son the same as mine.  I insisted on visiting her cafe the first chance we had upon our return here in Zambia.  She was standing at the door of Mint Lounge and we ran towards each other and embraced.

And yes, she named her son after mine!!!  I was proud and my son was pleased!

This year we have been able to schedule a few “play dates.”  Of course it is not easy due to her work schedule and my lack of transportation.  Yesterday she invited me into her home and prepared an incredible Zambian meal.

I am grateful for this friendship.  I asked Eunice what time she would like me to call the taxi to return.  She told me 23 hours (that is 11pm and I arrived at 1pm)!

I took two of our three children and they loved the baby.  So did I!


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