Revisiting the alphabet game

I was obviously unsuccessful in completing my little alphabet meme back in the spring.  Can’t imagine things being a bit on the hectic side back then.  I have thought about picking up where I left off but then I decided that going through the alphabet might be fun to catch up on all the fun (or just interesting) things here in Zambia.

A is for August.  August is quickly approaching and we will be home the first week of the new month.  We are sad to even be thinking about leaving.

B is for baking.  I do a lot of baking.  My cooker (oven) was out for 2 weeks and the village that we rent from decided to be very stubborn in fixing it.  I have a new element but it is not working quite like I would like.  I am actually in the process of baking 225 cookies as I type!  🙂

C is for car, or lack thereof.  This has been the biggest adjustment for me.  I am a bit used to jumping in my car and going as I please.  I have to depend on other people here.  Often I just don’t go where I desire to go.

D is for delights.  There are a few small things we delight in around here such as 5 minutes of daddy time before bed or a few minutes early in the morning, Cadbury chocolate treats, softies (cokes), and Skype calls with the grandparents.

E is for energy.  The husband works and works and works well into the night.  The Lord gives him unlimited energy to carry out his tasks.

F is for friends.  We have made many American friends that come through for a week or two of camp.  We have been blessed with getting to know some incredible people.  I am also grateful for some Zambian friendships too!

G is for God.  Good to know HE is God everywhere…just praying that more people would know it!!!

H is for house.  We still own our little house back in the states.  We were hoping it would sell while we were gone.  It has been on the market since September.  We are wondering what the Lord has in store for us….

I is for ice.  We do not get much of that here.  Sonic is my first stop back in the states!!!

J is for juice.  We have had some yummy tropical juices here.

K is for the Knights.  My in laws were here for two weeks along with Aunt Ella Jane.  We so enjoyed their visit!

L is for laundry.  I do tons and tons of laundry.  My housekeeper helps me keep the washer and dryer burning with donation clothes that Americans leave.

M is for mochas.  I have found a few spots that make some yummy cafe mochas.  Missing my usual coffee buddies back home!!!

N is for nsheema, the staple food here in Zambia.  It is a straight carb and has no flavor.  The Zambians say it is very filling and good for you AND it will put you to sleep.

O is for octopus.  The husband had a few dishes of octopus during our vacation and greatly enjoyed it.  No thank you!

P is for Pamela, my housekeeper.  She is a humble gal a few years younger than me.  She also has three children.  I am praying to find her a more constant position after we leave.

Q is for quiet.  Not quiet around here often.  Right now the children are down at another villa playing with other staff children so it is pretty slow around here with the Americans at camp.  The evenings are busy, busy and it is a revolving door at our villa at night.  I have it on good authority that folks are on the hunt for baked goods or laundry services!  🙂 I provide both.

R is for rain.  It rained here on Monday.  The Zambians tell us that “it can’t” rain during dry season.  But it did!!!!  How fun!

S is for sunshine.  It might be cool this time of year here in Zambia but the sun typically shines bright!  It has been fairly cloudy in the mornings but by mid morning, the sun is shining bright!

T is for Tanzania….another stamp on our passports!  We had to fly through Del es Salaam to get to Zanzibar.  Zanzibar is actually a part of the mainland of Tanzania but also has many separate aspects.

U is for understanding.  I must pray for understanding of the culture here.  Their ways don’t always make sense but I must respect their culture.

V is for volunteers.  We are thankful for the many volunteers that come through to serve the children of Zambia.

W is for water.  I think I have forgotten to drink out of a cup.  We only drink bottle water while we are here and it is generally lukewarm.

X is for ?????  I am stumped!

Y is for YOU!  When are YOU coming to Zambia????

Z is for Zanzibar.  We had a such a LOVELY holiday on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania.


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  1. Ella Tracy
    Posted July 14, 2011 at 2:29 pm | Permalink

    This is wonderful!!! Makes me want to be back there with you all! Love you

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