Things I will miss…

Our time here in Africa is quickly coming to an end.  My husband informed me last night that he will work even longer hours the next 10 days to cram in as much as possible.  Not sure how he will do that considering he is averaging 4 hours of sleep per night as it is.  The Lord is sustaining him!!!

Things I will miss:

1.  Cool nights

2.  bundling up in blankets on the cool nights

3.  the way Zambians greet me (unfortunately the way I am greeted is usually the way Zambians greet those that are older)  🙂

4.  My sweet housekeeper, Pamela!  I guess I will have to wash a dish again back in the states!  I haven’t cleaned a toilet in 8 weeks either.  Loving it!  My husband told me that he would be HAPPY to pay the same price for a housekeeper back in the states.  Not happening!!!

5.  Hazlenut Lattes at Mug and Bean and Mint Lounge.

6.  My wonderful cooks in the kitchen.  They are great fun to be with, esp. Simon.  Two of them have had a blast teaching me how to sing more praise songs in Bemba (a local language).  Mr. Mulenga, one of the servers, is on a mission for ME to find him a musungo (a white person) to marry!  We have many laughs!

7.  The revolving door at my villa.  I would like to think that all the folks “stopping by” want to visit.  I have it on good authority that they want cookies!!!

8.  Meeting new Americans every week.  We have met some incredible people!

9.  The smiles and giggles of many many children we serve!!!

10.  The voices of Zambians singing!  We Americans lack their harmony!

11.  The simple way of life here.  Life is hard for most Zambians here but simple at the same time.  Of course I miss constant internet, my own mode of transportation, and many other conveniences I am accustomed to.  I have a strange liking to taking a break from all of it!!!

12.  Learning something new about the culture EVERY single day.

13.  Sunday church

14.  Visiting the sweet kiddos at our Children’s Village, The Tree of Life, esp. our Temba!!!

15.  Drinking out of water bottle.  I have hardly taken a sip from a cup ( just milk).

16.  The Sunday market.  I actually have a love/hate relationship with this one.  Going to the market (esp. with my children) stresses me out but for some reason I am always fascinated by the sights I witness!

I can also easily make a list of the things I will NOT miss but I am focussing on the many GOOD things the Lord has blessed us with this summer.  I am sooooo honored that the Lord has given my family this life.



  1. Johanna
    Posted July 21, 2011 at 10:58 am | Permalink

    Thanks for all the posts!! I hope your lasts weeks are wonderful and that you have a safe trip home. All our love and prayers!!

  2. Ella Tracy
    Posted July 21, 2011 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    How wonderful to read all these great things about Zambia. Thanks for sharing!!! Miss you all so much – Hope A takes care and doesn’t overdo the days before Aug. 2. Love you all.

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